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Gerber OCTA SUPREME II™ Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

The OCTA SUPREME II™ shines as a perfectly balanced all-round mouthpiece for the modern jazz saxophonist.
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The Johannes Gerber OCTA SUPREME II™ tenor saxophone mouthpiece is a beautifully balanced mouthpiece characterized by warmth and lushness, presence, and a fat and projecting sound when pushed harder. The development of the OCTA SUPREME™ was a spiritual journey, a time of seclusion and highly focused senses and state of mind. The name OCTA SUPREME™ symbolizes man’s ability to overcome the limitations of physical existence – completion, entry into the spiritual world.

The OCTA SUPREME II™ has the tonal qualities reminiscent of the best vintage hard rubber mouthpieces, with the core, presence and projection desired by demanding saxophonists in today's ever changing musical environment - the perfect balance. Experienced saxophonists will appreciate the tonal flexibility and power, while lesser experienced players will appreciate how easy it is to control and play.

The OCTA SUPREME™'s perfect balance is achieved by a medium-large chamber, slightly concave side walls, and a longer and higher baffle than the other models.

Craftsmanship bar none: Johannes Gerber is world renowned as a true master craftsman of saxophone mouthpieces. We have measured and inspected some of the most expensive saxophone mouthpieces in today's marketplace and have found none that compare to Gerber's accuracy, consistency, and perfect finishing - what you see in the photos is what your mouthpiece will look, and play like.

Material: We have developed a modern equivalent for the famous 'vintage hard rubber' from the 1950's, with properties closely related to the material used for the vintage Otto Link and Meyer mouthpieces from from the past. Follow the TECH link for more information.
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