Gerber SOLO MC Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The SOLO MC is a medium chamber soprano saxophone mouthpiece - the balanced all rounder - a contemporary sound.
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The Johannes Gerber SOLO MC soprano saxophone mouthpiece features a unique medium chamber design offering the saxophonist freedom of expression, superior intonation, and a sound that is characterized by presence, clarity, and sweetness. Compared to the SOLO LC model, the SOLO MC has a slightly more focused core sound with more presence - a more contemporary soprano sound.

In terms physical dimensions, the only difference between the SOLO MC and SOLO LC is the size of the throat. (medium vs large)

The slight roll-over baffle and straight side-walls transition into a medium sized throat. The chamber design is complimented by the optimized facing specification, resulting in a free-blowing mouthpiece with just enough resistance for ease of articulation and control in the extreme high register.

"PEACE" - Daniel Ian Smith - Professor at Berklee College of Music - SOLO MC - 6* tip opening

Chamber comparison: SOLO MC (left) to SOLO LC (right)

Craftsmanship bar none: Johannes Gerber is world renowned as a true master craftsman of saxophone mouthpieces. We have measured and inspected some of the most expensive saxophone mouthpieces in today's marketplace and have found none that compare to Gerber's accuracy, consistency, and perfect finishing - what you see in the photos is what your mouthpiece will look, and play like.

Material: We have developed a modern equivalent of the best vintage hard rubber. Our hard rubber composite uses the finest hard rubber from Germany as the main component and resonates and responds nearly identical to the hard rubber used in the vintage Otto Link and Meyer mouthpieces from the 1960's. For more information, please follow the link to the materials page.

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