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“I could blindly select any of the soprano mouthpieces I received

and immediately do a gig on it!”

Emanuele Cisi,   Italy, 

for your


  • Johannes Gerber Mouthpieces are the preferred choice: Recording Artists, University Professors, saxophone enthusiasts and students worldwide.

  • Johannes Gerber mouthpieces are made one at a time and are hand finished in the tradition of the greatest mouthpiece makers in history.

  • Johannes Gerber Mouthpieces enable saxophonists freedom of expression: large dynamic range, superior control, excellent intonation, tonal flexibility.

Hand finished like no other

Tucker Antell - 'GRIME SCENE'

Mouthpiece - Vintage Slant 9*, La Voz Med-Soft reeds, Conn 10M tenor

“The soprano mouthpiece is AMAZING. You got the perfect amount of resistance in there to make the intonation and feel all the way up the horn balanced and just right! My Conn curved soprano can be kind of picky with mouthpieces, which is why I’ve always liked this one, but now it’s unstoppable!  These words hardly do your work on this particular mouthpiece justice, my man. Every time I play this thing it feels like I've died and gone to Heaven, blessed with the opportunity to catch up and learn more about life and love from an old yet newly-enlightened friend. Thanks again!"

Jeremy Barzizza - Midtown Music Shop, Memphis, USA

Johannes Gerber is accepting limited  refacing work at this time. 

Mouthpiece refacing rates:

Hard Rubber - USD $220.00

Metal - USD $280.00 (excluding stainless steel)

Full restoration incl. 24K gold electroplating - USD $495.00

Return Shipping DHL Worldwide Express - $40.00

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