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Gerber NEW YORK JAZZ Alto Sax Mouthpiece

The NEW YORK JAZZ is a slightly brighter alternative to the NEW YORK BROS model.
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The Johannes Gerber NY Jazz alto saxophone mouthpiece takes you on a journey back to the 1960's.

The sound can be characterized as a medium-bright traditional alto sound with clarity and projection. It offers enough power to compete with smaller chambered designs, and retains body and depth to the sound vintage mouthpieces are known for. The sound is warm when played with relaxed air, and brightens up as it's pushed harder.

The medium height roll-over baffle and slightly concave side-walls squeezes smoothly into the bore area. Compared to the NY Bros, the NY Jazz is slightly brighter with a noticeable edge when pushed harder. It suits a wide range of applications, but is most at home in big bands, ensembles and when doing solo work.

Karolina Strassmayer - WDR Big Band - Cologne Germany - NY Jazz nr. 5

Craftsmanship bar none: Johannes Gerber is world renowned as a true master craftsman of saxophone mouthpieces. We have measured and inspected some of the most expensive saxophone mouthpieces in today's marketplace and have found none that compare to Gerber's accuracy, consistency, and perfect finishing - what you see in the photos is what your mouthpiece will look, and play like.

Material: We have developed a modern equivalent for the famous 'vintage hard rubber' from the 1950's, with properties closely related to the material used for the vintage Otto Link and Meyer mouthpieces from from the past. Follow the TECH link for more information.
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