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Gerber VIBRA MASTER NEW YORK Alto Sax Mouthpiece

The VIBRA MASTER NY represents the small chamber New York sound - the perfect lead alto mouthpiece.
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The Johannes Gerber Vibra Master NY alto saxophone mouthpiece is another design influenced by the New York sound of the 1960's and 1970's.

The brightest of the three New York influenced mouthpieces we offer, it features a medium-small chamber with a raised floor and medium height baffle. Some of its most favorable characteristics are explosive power and projection, rich harmonics, and a full bodied and bold sound.

It plays very loud when pushed, but sounds sweet and open when played at lesser dynamic levels.

This new model was designed for the demanding solo jazz artist and lead alto player, but also excels in any environment where the saxophonists needs to cut through the mix.

Marcelo Louback - Brazil - Vibra Master NY nr.7

Francois Diaz - France - Vibra Master NY nr.7

Audio: Jason Dumars - USA - Vibra Master NY nr.7 - Click Here

Craftsmanship bar none: Johannes Gerber is world renowned as a true master craftsman of saxophone mouthpieces. We have measured and inspected some of the most expensive saxophone mouthpieces in today's marketplace and have found none that compare to Gerber's accuracy, consistency, and perfect finishing - what you see in the photos is what your mouthpiece will look, and play like.

Material: We have developed a modern equivalent for the famous 'vintage hard rubber' from the 1950's, with properties closely related to the material used for the vintage Otto Link and Meyer mouthpieces from from the past. Follow the TECH link for more information.
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